The hardest of slab material, this stone is most frequently used for kitchens due to its ability to wear well and stand up to abuse.  Granite can withstand extremely high temperatures which makes it a superior choice over all man-made stones.  The Marble Institute of America found that granite was the most anti-microbial of all solid counter top surfaces.   Granite is formed by the cooling of volcanic chambers deep inside the earth and is mostly composed of quartz and feldspar.  When honed, a matte surface is created which reduces glare and gives the stone a more relaxed feeling.  Granite is available in wide variety of colors, textures and patterns.




A softer, highly decorative, material with veining and many color variations.   Marble is composed of calcite crystals and in most cases was a limestone before being transformed by heat and pressure.  Often used in baths and fireplaces, marble has become a statement of traditional luxury.  Beautiful polished, for a rich look ,or honed for a more natural appearance. The cool, smooth surface is perfect for pastry and bread making.  This material is known for its European popularity and its ability to patina, creating an old-world style.




A wonderful study in carbon nature.  This material suits modern and minimalist applications well and is available in a variety of earth tones.  Limestone is a sedimentary stone formed by the settling of organic particles or dissolved minerals in a column of water.  It is non-crystalline in nature with an abundance of marine fossils, sometimes apparent to the naked eye.  Depending on the hardness, some limestones can be polished.




Very rustic in appearance, this material ranges from a rich vanilla tone to a creamy brown.  The porous characteristics are the result of  a geothermal processes in which carbon dioxide rich water percolates through sedimentary rock deposits.    Travertine is recommended for used in fireplaces and baths creating a relaxed and earthy atmosphere.




A classic stone, which can be sculpted and  retains heat well.  Soapstone is often used for fireplaces because of its ability to hold in heat and its chemically resistant properties.  Created by tectonic processes, this stone is primarily composed of talc giving it a soapy feel.  This material has also become popular as a kitchen counter tops and farm style sinks.  With a dark gray appearance and occasional veins, this material is well suited to blend with its surroundings.




A delicate stone composed of calcite, formed as stalactites and stalagmites in caves.  Often used for bar counters and bath vanities this material has a glamorous feel.  Onyx is translucent and can be back lit making it perfect for unique applications and show pieces.